Great Eastern 19: 

The Wizard of Goldenvale 

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY.
Please join us for Great Eastern 19:The Wizard of Goldenvale.
This event is bound to please with a myriad of classes, tournaments and activities to take part in. If tournaments are your thing, come prepared to battle it out with the best in the Weapon master!  Weapon master will be run in the warlord sports format at great eastern this year. 
Compete against the kingdoms best artisans in the dragon master tournament. Follow weekend long questing events like the trials of knowledge, courage, heart and Magic. Learn to make candy and other sugary confections! Come ready to shop along Merchant Row and support your Amtgard artisans!


Friday May 26th 2017

 @ 12pm


All persons( not on staff or clean up crew )

must be off site by Monday May 29th at 11 am. 





$35 for the weekend per adult. (ages 14 and over) 

$17 for a day trip per adult (ages 14 and over) 

$3 per year for children ages 6-13 (up to $10) 

children 5 and under- free admission

Ye Olde Commons, Charlton Mass

Please note the following:

1. There is a zero-tolerance policy for non-larp combat. 

2. there is a zero-tolerance policy for giving minors alcohol/illegal substances.

3. harassment policies at this event will remain in line with kingdom's policies. 

If you have not read the document, it is linked above.

any one found breaking these rules will be removed From  site , without a refund.

this is your only warning